Negotiations and Mediation

Stephens Chu helps clients amicably resolve international disputes by advising on negotiations, mediation or other ADR.

Strategy and negotiations

A negotiated settlement may be the optimal outcome, as it provides certainty, avoids legal costs, and helps preserve ongoing commercial or other relationships. We help clients maximise the chances of settlement by identifying the relevant legal, procedural, and commercial levers and deploying them at the right time. We also support clients in negotiations, at the outset and once arbitration or litigation is on foot.

Mediation and ADR

Mediation and other forms of ADR may be appropriate for parties seeking swifter, cheaper, and less adversarial means of resolving international disputes. We are familiar with different forms of ADR and the related international institutional mechanisms and rules. We advise clients on how and when to use mediation or other ADR processes, before, during, or independently from international arbitration proceedings.

Settlement structuring

Settling cross-border commercial disputes and investor/State disputes often involve a range of issues and stakeholders. We have handled many complex settlements and can advise on the mechanics of settlement documentation and the legal and contractual issues it needs to address. We also help clients reflect settlement terms in transactional or commercial agreements.
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