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Resolving ENR and infrastructure disputes in Francophone Africa

Gisèle Stephens-Chu will moderate a panel alongside Sylvie Bebohi Ebongo on the resolution of ENR and infrastructure disputes in Francophone Africa, featuring Audrey Alevina, Sabrina Aïnouz, Sally El Sawah and Salimatou Diallo. The event is the second in a webinar series featuring women practitioners from the region. Register here.

8 December 2021

SOAS/CIMAC Arbitration in Africa conference

Gisèle Stephens-Chu spoke at the 7th edition of the SOAS Arbitration in Africa Conference, co-organised by SOAS and CIMAC, on "Navigating the Interests of African States in International Arbitration & Mediation". Gisèle's panel discussed International Investment Agreements and Development of African States, and she addressed the tools available in IIAs to preserve regulatory space and avoid exposure to discrimination claims in particular. The panel, moderated by Thierry Ngoga, also included Bobby Banson, Clara Brillembourg and Walid Ben Hamida. 

23 November 2021

Arbitration and ADR in the OHADA region

Gisèle Stephens-Chu moderated a panel alongside Sylvie Bebohi Ebongo on the topic of Arbitration and ADR in the OHADA region, with speakers including Aminatou Akobe, Bintou Boli Djibo and Marie-Andrée Ngwe. The event was the first in a webinar series organised by the ERA Pledge African Sub Committee featuring women practititioners from Francophone Africa. 

28 October 2021

Paris Arbitration Week

Gisèle Stephens-Chu spoke on a panel discussing "Paris' Enduring Status as Arbitration Mecca" at a virtual event organised by Laborde Law during Paris Arbitration Week. Other speakers included Nadia Darwazeh, Marc Henry, Gustavo Laborde and Michael Polkinghorne. 

22 September 2021

Summer Law School on International Investment Law

Gisèle Stephens-Chu gave a seminar on "The Diversity Deficit in Investment Arbitration" during the Summer Law School on International Investment Law 2021 co-hosted by ELSA Athens and the Athens Public International Law Centre.

27 August 2021

Independence and Impartiality in International and Investment Treaty Arbitration

Gisèle Stephens-Chu spoke at a virtual seminar on Independence and Impartiality in International and Investment Treaty Arbitration, hosted by Queen Mary University School of International Arbitration. Other speakers included Gabriel Bottini and Monty Taylor, with moderation from Professor Stavros Brekoulakis and Dr Anna Howard. (A recording of the event is available here.)

14 June 2021

UNCITRAL Working Group II

Gisèle Stephens-Chu attended the 73rd Session of UNCITRAL Working Group II (Arbitration and Conciliation/Dispute Settlement) as an observer on behalf of ArbitralWomen.

23-26 March 2021

EU Cross-Border Commercial Mediation: Listening to Disputants – Changing the Frame; Framing the Changes

Gisèle Stephens-Chu spoke at a virtual event hosted by Queen Mary University of London to launch Anna Howard’s book on mediation, published by Kluwer. Other speakers included Anna Howard, Charlie Irvine, Michael Leathes, Frauke Nitschke and John Sturrock QC.

25 March 2021

How to choose the right arbitrator for your case

Gisèle Stephens-Chu spoke at a virtual event hosted by the Arbitration Commission of the Paris Bar on best practices with respect to arbitrator selection. Other speakers included Maria-Beatriz Burghetto, Caroline Duclercq, Laurence Kiffer, Alison Pearsall and Mirèze Philippe, with Valence Borgia moderating. (See event report.)

14 October 2020

Regional perspectives of investor-State claims in light of Covid-19

Gisèle Stephens-Chu spoke at a virtual event hosted by the American Bar Association’s International Law Section on the future of COVID-19 investor-state claims in different regions of the world. Other speakers included Catherine Amirfar, Mélida Hodgson, Professor George Bermann and Barry Appleton, with Maria-Camila Hoyos moderating. (View recording.)

17 July 2020

A new landscape for EU law and arbitration: Challenges and opportunities

Gisèle Stephens-Chu spoke on a panel about the future of investor-state and trade dispute settlement in Europe at the 5th Annual Conference of the Belgian Chapter of the Club Español del Arbitraje in Brussels. Other speakers included Colin Brown, Prof. Dr. Nikos Lavranos, Urquiola De Palacio and Isabelle Van Damme,  with Erica Stein moderating.

21 February 2020

Droits de l'homme et droit international économique

Gisèle Stephens-Chu spoke at the launch event of the book edited by Dr Catharine Titi and published by Bruylant, held at the University of Paris II Panthéon Assas. Other speakers included Professor Ludovica Chiussi, Dr Daniel Müller, Professor Arnaud de Nanteuil,  Dr Ioannis Prezas, Professor Andreas R. Ziegler and Dr Catherine Titi.

11 October 2019

Africa Arbitration Academy

Gisèle Stephens-Chu gave a seminar on annulment and enforcement of arbitral awards (with Maxence Rivoire) during the 1st Africa Arbitration Academy at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in London.

10 June 2019

Africa Rising: Key trends in arbitration involving Africa

Gisèle Stephens-Chu moderated an event with leading African practitioners Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Ndanga Kamau, Marie-Andrée Ngwe and Hamid Abdulkareem, at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer during Paris Arbitration Week, with Ben Juratowitch co-moderating.

3 April 2019

What clients, counsel and
experts should know
about working together but are too embarrassed to ask

Gisèle Stephens-Chu spoke at a panel discussion organized by Freshfields and the Georgetown University Club of France in Paris. Other speakers included Karl Hennessee and Anthony Charlton, with Noah Rubins moderating.

24 November 2018

CIArb (Kenya branch) international conference

Gisèle Stephens-Chu spoke on a panel discussing trends in energy disputes in Africa at the CIArb Kenya Branch conference in Diani, Kenya. Other speakers included Brian Muriuki, Nikhil Desai, Willy Mutubwa, with Wairimu Karanja moderating.

8/9 November 2018

13th Congress of the Club Español de Arbitraje

Gisèle Stephens-Chu spoke on a panel on mediation within arbitration during the 13th CEA Congress in Madrid. Other speakers included Axel Reeg, Sue Hyun Lim and Giulio Palermo, with Begoña Castro Jover moderating.

11/12 June 2018

Diversity and Arbitration: where does change start?

Gisèle Stephens-Chu moderated a panel discussion on diversity in arbitration during Paris Arbitration Week, hosted by the Paris Bar. Speakers included Valence Borgia, Gillian Carmichael Lemaire, Eliseo Castineira, Caroline Duclercq, Ian Kayanakis and Mirèze Philippe.

12 April 2018

Hot topics in damages

Gisèle Stephens-Chu spoke at an event hosted by FTI Consulting during Paris Arbitration Week, discussing hot topics in damages. Other speakers included Thomas Kendra, Mike Pilgrem and James Nicholson, with Matthias Cazier-Darmois and Juliette Fortin co-moderating.

11 April 2018

3rd Annual GAR Live Energy

Gisèle Stephens-Chu spoke at the 3rd Annual GAR Live Energy conference in London, taking part in a debate on the motion "This House believes that there is no law in gas pricing arbitration". Other speakers included Mark Levy, Ben Holland, Paul Griffin, James Spigelman AC, QC, Sophie Nappert and Baiju Vasani, with Shai Wade as moderator.

15 June 2017

The Role of the Arbitrator: Adjudicator, Truth Seeker, Mediator?

Gisèle Stephens-Chu moderated a panel discussion hosted jointly by the ICC Young Arbitrator Forum and Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in Paris on the role of arbitral tribunals, with speakers including Professor Mathias Audit, Ana Serra e Moura and Greg Falkof.

2 June 2016

Valuable perspectives on Swedish arbitration

Gisèle Stephens-Chu spoke at an event hosted by the SCC Arbitration Institute, providing an outsider’s perspective on arbitration in Sweden, as part of an international panel including Erica Stein, Tatyana Slipachuk and Fredrik Ringquist, with Patricia Shaughnessy moderating the discussion. (See event report .)

January 2016

French Court of Cassation overturns Paris Court of Appeal denial of enforcement of Swiss arbitral award on grounds of corruption (Alexander Brothers v Alstom Transport)

Casenote published in LexisNexis. Available here.

8 November 2021

The contribution of the Prague Rules to promoting efficiency in international arbitration

Article (with Camille Teynier) published in THĒMIS-Revista de Derecho 77 Arbitraje.

August 2020

Droits et obligations issus du droit de l’investissement et des droits de l’homme : entre exclusivité et harmonisation

Chapter (with Dr Daniel Müller) published in a book edited by C. Titi, Droit de l’homme et droit international économique, Bruylant

October 2019

French court rules that mandatory expert determination provisions do not render arbitration clauses inapplicable

Article (with Nora Bellec) published by International Law Office, Arbitration & ADR (accessible here)

16 May 2019

Paris Court of Appeal exerts power to review allegations of corruption during enforcement proceedings

Article (with Maxence Rivoire) published by International Law Office Arbitration & ADR (accessible here)

8 November 2018

Awards of Interest in International Arbitration: Achieving Coherence Through Purpose

Article (with Joshua Kelly) published by Indian Journal of Arbitration Law, Vol. 7, Issue 1, 2018 – the article was cited by the Indian Supreme Court in Vedanta v. Shenzhen Shandong Nuclear Power Construction Co. Ltd (11 October 2018) (accessible here)

August 2018

Towards a Clearer Standard of Review by the French Courts of International Arbitral Awards Relating to Public Law Contracts

Article (with Yann Dehaudt-Delville) published by Dispute Resolution International, Vol 11, Issue No 1, May 2017 (accessible here)

May 2017

Renée Rose Levy and Gremcitel SA v The Republic of Peru: ICSID tribunal continues to develop the doctrine of abuse of process in corporate restructuring

Article (with Brian Duong) published in IBA Arbitration Newsletter, Vol. 20, Issue No 2, p. 34, 2015 (accessible here)

September 2015

Is it Always All About the Money? The Appropriateness of Non Pecuniary Remedies in Investment Treaty Arbitration

Article published in Arbitration International, Vol. 30, Issue No. 4, p. 661, 2014 (accessible here)

December 2014

The Gathering and Taking of Evidence under the IBA Guidelines on Party Representation in International Arbitration: Civil and Common Law Perspectives

Article (with Julie Spinelli) published in Dispute Resolution International, Vol. 8, Issue No. 1, 2014 (accessible here)


AFPS and PLO v Alstom and Veolia (Versailles Ct. App.)

Article (with Noah Rubins) published in International Legal Materials (52 ILM 1157) (accessible here)

December 2013

Who's Who Legal: Arbitration 2022 

Gisèle Stephens-Chu has been recognised as a Future Leader in Who's Who Legal: Arbitration 2022 (see publication here).

1 December 2021

Gisèle Stephens-Chu mentioned in Global Arbitration Review 

Gisèle Stephens-Chu's comments on recent challenges to arbitrators were reported in Global Arbitration Review (see article here).

31 August 2021

Launch of Stephens Chu Dispute Resolution

The firm's launch has been reported in Global Arbitration Review: see GAR report.

25 May 2021

Who’s Who Legal: Arbitration 2021

Gisèle Stephens-Chu has again been recognized by Who’s Who Legal as a Future Leader in international arbitration, reporting that she “exhibits a “tremendous grasp of theoretical aspects arising from complex quantum claims” and is highlighted as a “rising star” with a “strong commercial and client-focused approach”.

8 December 2020

ArbitralWomen Board

Gisèle Stephens-Chu has been elected to the Board of ArbitralWomen, an international non- governmental organisation bringing together women international dispute resolution practitioners, for the 2020-2022 term. (See press release.)

23 June 2020

ERA Pledge Steering Committee

Gisèle Stephens-Chu was appointed to the Steering Committee of the Equal Representation in Arbitration Pledge

July 2019
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