• Client-focused dispute resolution

    Stephens Chu helps clients navigate every stage of their international commercial and investment disputes.
  • Meeting your international needs

    Stephens Chu advises clients around the world on cross-border disputes governed by English, French, and other laws.

What we offer

Stephens Chu offers expertise and experience gained over sixteen years’ practice in one of the world’s leading international arbitration practices, in London and Paris. We have counselled corporate and State clients on disputes across a range of industry sectors and regions. We have acted in commercial arbitrations and investment arbitrations in several leading arbitration centres and under many different arbitration rules and applicable laws.
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Our approach

With the expertise but without the conflicts and overheads of international dispute resolution practices at traditional firms, we provide a focused, flexible and cost-efficient service that is tailored
to each individual matter. Every matter, large or small, is important to us.

We are client- and solution-oriented. We seek to help clients achieve the best outcomes for them, whether that is obtaining a favourable award or settlement or avoiding or mitigating risk. We work in partnership with clients, co-counsel and experts to anticipate issues, marshal evidence and develop a dispute resolution strategy aligned with clients’ objectives. More generally, we embrace procedural and technological innovation and are committed to adapting our dispute resolution services in line with the evolving needs and expectations of clients.
About us

What we offer

Stephens Chu helps clients manage disputes arising out of their international contracts and investments. We cover every stage of the dispute lifecycle, from pre-contentious advice and risk mitigation and negotiation and mediation to international arbitration and related litigation.

With over sixteen years’ practice at a leading international law firm in London and Paris, we offer deep expertise in international dispute resolution. Our founder has counselled clients on a wide range of complex cross-border disputes and acted in commercial and investment arbitrations under many different rules and applicable laws, in various industry sectors and regions.

Our approach

Client- and solution-oriented. Stephens Chu helps clients to achieve their desired outcomes, whether they seek a favourable award or settlement or to avoid risk. We work in partnership with clients to anticipate issues, marshal evidence and develop a strategy aligned with their objectives. We embrace innovation and adapt our services in line with clients’ needs and expectations. Every matter, regardless of size, is important to us.

Agile and cost-effective. With the expertise, but without the conflicts or overheads of larger firms, Stephens Chu offers a focused and efficient service that is tailored to each matter and provides value to clients. Where appropriate, we co-counsel with leading lawyers in other jurisdictions to build the best team for an individual case. Our pricing is flexible and, to give clients the predictability they need, we generally offer fixed or capped fees.

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